what's not on my "about me" page

My name is Daryl and I am 21 years old, so I am a real adult! (Stop telling me not to slouch, Dad.)

Actually, I am a dependent child and Dad, can you please keep nagging me to stand up straight because I never do now that you are not poking me on the shoulder and bugging me about it constantly.

Also note, I am female. I know the name Daryl throws a lot of people off. On a daily basis, I am addressed via some sort of technological platform as “Sir”. I just love it. My parents really wanted a boy and they bought all of this blue-colored baby stuff, so when I ended up being a girl, as punishment they named me Daryl.

I am kidding. My parents do not hate me. They actually love me more than any other parent loves their child and I am spoiled rotten. To the core. I just made up them wanting a boy. That is not what happened. For about 20 years of my life I thought I was named after Daryl Hannah. I have never seen a movie with her and neither have most of the people I’ve met, but at least I had a story to tell about my name, right? Well I don’t know how that story came about because apparently it's not the reason. They just liked the name I guess.

What else should you know about me?... Hmmm… I get on random tangents a lot. Since there is the stereotype that artists are kooky and random and weird, I use that as my excuse to be so. I'll get to the point eventually and hey, you might be entertained along the way, so quit complaining! Besides, who wants to be normal? What a boring life that would be.

I like to write songs and to sing and dance and yell. Yelling like yelling at THAT STUPID CAR THAT JUST CUT ME OFF because I have definitely never done that to anyone and they must have done that to me on purpose and almost caused an accident on the interstate! Wow, some people.

Also, I am never sarcastic. 

Except that was a lie because 93.26% of the things I say are sarcastic. Did you know that 52% of statistics are made up on the spot? You can look that up, it’s true. (It is not true and that was me being sarcastic, so if you didn’t get that, you’re probably not going to like this blog a whole lot. But you should still check out my photos because there’s at least some pretty pictures.)

Anyway, back to the point of this post which is "What is not on my About Me page"
(see, I got there and were you not somewhat entertained? You had to be to get this far… just saying).

I am a college student and will be forever because I have changed my major six times… seven? I lost count. And now I am double majoring, so that is fine. School is fun, right? Right.

There is more but you will have to keep coming back to this blog for that. I hope you do. Also, there will be cool photos and other stuff by me that you’ll want to see. So bookmark this site. Do it. Dooooooo it. No pressure, I’m not into pressuring people. Do whatever your heart desires. But seriously, you should bookmark my site.


*Originally posted 4/1/2017