New Year, New Semester. Are You Ready For It?

Classes start today! Whoop whoop! Are you ready for it?

(Sorry for the TSwift giphy, I couldn't help it. 😂😂 I'm laughing at this face she's making too.)

No? You're not ready?! School's a drag, you say?

While some make think starting a new semester can be a downer, here are a few reasons why you should consider thinking otherwise.

  1. You are one semester closer to graduating!
  2. You get to see your friends again.
  3. You get back in a routine and can do all your activities and events again and get to see people (but mostly, you can get back into your normal binge-watching Netflix routine).
  4. You get to learn!
    • (Come on, learning is not that bad. Why are you even going to school if you truly hate learning?)
    • Take a random class that has nothing to do with your major and expand your horizons.

Are you still stuck trying to find motivation for this semester? Don’t worry, I gotchu. Here are some ideas to get you ready!

1. Check out extracurriculars.

  • Join an intramural team
  • Join a student organization or club
  • Is there nothing that interests you? Start your own group!

2. Go to the gym.

  • Ew.. I know, right? Wrong. Go to the freaking gym! You don’t have to run a thousand miles or lift 500 pounds. Just get your heart rate up a little bit and get your blood pumping. Your body and mind will LOVE you!
  • Working out sends endorphins to your brain which results in a mood boost. You will also feel less anxious, stressed and it will improve your sleep, which let’s be real… we’re college students and we love our sleep.
  • On top of all of that awesome stuff, you will look and feel fit and healthy if you make exercising a part of your daily routine.
  • You can download FREE aps that will help you create effective workouts as short as seven minutes! Check out this one and this one.

3. Catch up!

  • Go get drinks or ice cream or HyChi or Taco Bell with a friend(s) you haven’t seen since break. Catch up on everything and everyone and pump each other up about your awesome semester together!

4. Be honest with yourself.

  • If you are honestly dreading going back to classes, ask yourself why and be real with yourself. What’s the problem?
  • Are you studying something that actually interests you and is going to help you reach your dreams?
  • Are you happy with your school? It’s okay if that answer is no. Look into transferring.
  • How is your living situation?
  • Look at the things that are actually bothering you about starting the new semester and take action to solve them! You only have one life, so live it happily! 

Check these things off your to-do list to get your semester started smoothly!

  1. Evaluate your class schedule with your life schedule and make sure you have a realistic course load for your ability.
  2. Drop any classes you don’t need and aren’t interested in. (Although I highly recommend taking a random class so you can try something new and expand your understanding of the world.)
  3. Create a study schedule. Don’t make it minute by minute because I guarantee that won’t happen, but schedule in general times to shut off your technological devices and study for each class.
  4. Buy your books. Come on people. This is Freshman 101. You should already have your books.
  5. It wouldn’t hurt to touch base with your advisor. Whoever he or she is, they have a lot of power in the school and they have a lot of potential to help you out down the road, so make sure you get to know them and that they know you are more than just a name and a class schedule.

Have an awesome semester and check back for new posts here on my blog throughout the year!