Two months and a dozen photoshoots later...

I thought I would be posting more regularly this summer, but instead, I haven't posted once...

I guess that's what happens when you work four jobs, attempt some sort of social life, AND want to sleep, eat, and shower every now and then. 

So, I here’s a little update. Let's start wayyy back in early June...

These two ding dongs are two of my most favorite humans on this earth and I got to see them passing through Denver.

Aren't they cute, though?

Anyway, then I started working as the media coordinator at a local camp and my creativity was focused on content for the camp.

Eventually, I needed to get out of that zone and photograph something different. So, thank you Hanna, I really needed this shoot. Also, I love her bag.

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And then lastly, to close out the month, I went to the Des Moines Art Festival with my friend, Taylor and got some fun photos of the Sculpture Park!

What would happen if I was a model...

What would happen if I was a model...


And that's a wrap on June!

For the 4th of July, I really wanted to get some firework photos! I drove up to a Des Moines park but was completely unprepared. Mosquitos had a feast that night... it was unbearable, so I ended up leaving before the fireworks started. 

It actually ended up being a really incredible night anyway. Unlike Colorado, it is legal to set off larger fireworks at your home. So as I was driving back into Indianola, bursts of scattering light brightened the skyline. 

When I finally got home, fireworks were going off all through town and I was able to stand out on my deck and grab photos of the neighbor's celebrations. Check them out below:


Then I got to work with another gorgeous babe named Hannah AND found my favorite hideout in Iowa, so I'm gonna keep my lips sealed on where we took this series. #ImHonestlyNotEvenSorry


Whatta babe.

Which brings me to last Sunday when I went to the Hot Air Balloon Classic in Indianola with a couple of college galpals...


For more balloon pics, check out my instagram!

I also ventured out to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the first time ever. It was a super exciting trip, jam packed with incredible experiences, so check out my next post and my Instagram for photos from that trip!