what i learned in 2017

You know that Direct TV commercial about how people love cable like they love banging their head on a cross board or spilling coffee on themselves? (If not, check out this video, WTF, right?)

Well that was basically me when I decided to leave the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs to go back to Simpson College:

“Hey! I finally have a really good living situation and am going to a school I love and I am working with an amazing professor  and playing volleyball with a great team and I have amazing friends! So let’s go back to a school wher e I was unhappy! Yeah! Good idea!” *


What. The. Fuck?

Well, I weighed the pros and cons and somehow ended up packing my bags and heading off to the land of corn, wind turbines, and cicadas (which are not birds, by the way). 😬

2017 was a year of change and growing up for me. I messed up a lot. I complained a lot. I drank a lot. I cried a lot. But I also smiled and laughed a lot. I made friends. I traveled the world. I took awesome, random classes. And I learned a little bit more about who I am.

You’re here to be entertained but I’m hoping you can also learn from my mistakes and experiences. At the very least, I hope you can get a laugh out of it all.

With just under a week left of 2017, I will be posting a recap of my chaotic, awkward, and awesome year in a series of posts called What I Learned In 2017.



What I Learned In 2017 - January

I moved into an apartment in Indianola, Iowa where I was going to share a bedroom with another girl.

I had never met this person or talked to her and I was scared to death she was going to have a boyfriend who would bring fifteen other juvenile delinquents into the apartment to do cocaine off the kitchen counter and catcall me, or worse, she might have a yappie little dog who would sneak into my room and pee all over my stuff and then hide under my bed out of reach so I’d have to poke it with a broom to get it out (true stories).

But low and behold, this was not the case!

We were in the best apartments on campus. My classes were less than a five-minute walk.


I had four classes with my advisor while studying journalism. And boy, this guy is something else.

Spending four to six hours a day in class with one professor is a lot of time, especially when that one professor is (in his own words when describing himself) a “pointy-headed commie-liberal ”. This is literally written in his syllabus.

Not only does this guy talk down to anyone who disagrees with him, but he oppresses people (like me) even when they do agree with him! 🙄😐

He also acts like he is qualified to identify with women and colored people because he teaches a gender, race, and class course. Ummm, no.


Several times in class, he would bring up how female sports just don’t compare to male sports.

Boy, would that fire some of us up.

He once mentioned how Nebraska volleyball isn’t as important as Nebraska football.

I clapped back with, “Actually, the volleyball team has its own arena. It’s a big deal there.” (Oh.. yeah and they just won the NCAA Championship.)

Speaking of volleyball, January was the first time I met the rest of the volleyball team.

I was so freaking nervous about it.

I had no idea what the girls were going to think of me or what they had been told about me from the girls who already knew me.

I was so scared I would be held to who I was when I was a freshman because I have grown so much that I am hardly that girl anymore. 

The overall reaction of the team was pretty neutral and no one really cared about me joining (and if that’s not how they actually felt, I really don’t need to know otherwise). 



Dear Reader,

Here’s the thing about people: we are unpredictable, difficult, and surprising.

What I have learned is that you don’t have to let what others say, do, or think of you affect what you think about yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you inferior without your consent.” 


You can’t control others thoughts and behaviors, so don’t waste time worrying about whether your roommate is going to be a pain or not, or how hypocritical and condescending some old white dude is to you, or whether your new team is going to judge you before they even know you!

Only you are you and only you can determine whether you are trash, mediocre, or one fucking rockstar.

It’s up to you.


Daryl Ann Batt

Millennial, Temporary Iowan, One Fucking Rockstar


It’s only January, check back tomorrow for February, March, and April!

*Disclaimer: Simpson College is a fine institution and just because it wasn’t a good fit for me, doesn’t mean it’s not a good fit for others. Lots of students love it and say it is their dream school.