You are welcome to use these sessions however you like... family session, couple's session, maternity session, mini-engagement session, etc.

And Daryl.A.Batt Photography is very pet friendly!

These sessions are at such a lower price because of the following factors:

-The dates, times, and setups are all pre-determined so there is no time spent coordinating days, times, backdrops with clients, etc.

-You are able to book online and pay at checkout, meaning less time invoicing you and waiting on payments, it’s all taken care of below.

-After your session, we will book a meeting so you can view and order your images, prints, and more!

$100 Session Fee. Products starting at $20. Packages starting at $199. NO MINIMUM ORDERS!

Available times:

11/10 DSM 11:20am, 12:40pm, 1:20pm, 3:10pm.

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